General questions

Soyuz GSM / ТР-100 GSM IV: Connecting third-party panels via the phone line
Video router Documentation
Errors in the WEB Configurator
How to find out the firmware version of the device installed on the object?
Engineer: how to grant permission for remote access to an object?
Engineer: how to create an account?
Engineer: how to create an account?
Dimensions of the battery for plastic cases
Description of events from new GSM-devices
GPRS traffic consumption and plan selection
Audit system
Time syncronization (frequently asked questions)
How to update the device firmware via USB?
How to install the driver for the device?
How determine the firmware version of the device?
Why devices often reconnect?
К14-LED Keyboard
Soyuz GSM PCB / ТР-100 GSM IV: four discrete inputs
Soyuz GSM: quick start
ТР-100 GSM IV: quick start
Nord Mini Built-in keyboard
Nord Mini
Nord Air
Nord Air. Built-in keyboard
Long-term lack of communication with a new SIM card when starting up
Ethernet adapter
Automation: House mode
Automation: taking all sections with one code
Automation: arming on schedule
Temperature sensors
Light indicator (12 V)
Nord GSM: Siren
Protection of access to devices
Wired terminals
Automation: Siren for Nord GSM Mini and Air
Automation: Beacon
System performance monitoring
Autostart of the event manager and other modules at system startup
Files to download
Recomendations on backing-up
GSM Nord: hardware versions
Nord GSM: quick start
Work with a demo kit of equipment
Launching devices with connection to the “Security Center” via GPRS channel
Equipment: Files to download

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