Nord Air

How to update and configure the device?

All the files required to update the firmware and configuration of the "Nord GSM Air" are located at the web page «Files to download». To connect the device to a computer, you will need a mini-USB cable.

The main parameters of the device are configured in the same way as for «Nord GSM»

How to control "Nord GSM Air" using the keyboard?

All features are described in a separate article.

Can I connect an external antenna?

To connect an external antenna, the device has a MMCX90 type connector. Details on how to connect a external antenna shown in the video.

What kind of electric feed can be used in the device?

A power adapter for 12V 1A and a 3.7V battery is included in the package with the device.

The power adapter and backup battery included in the package are designed for operation at air temperatures above 0 °C. If the device will be operated at low temperatures, it is necessary to use an external redundant power supply.

Which battery is used?

Lithium-ion battery of typical size 18650 with rated voltage 3.7 V.

The device provides protection against polarity reversal when connecting the battery.

How long will the device work with a standard battery?

If the battery is connected with a capacity of 1100 mAh, the device will work for at least 12 hours.

How to connect the main power?

Terminals labeled "12V" and "GND" are used to connect the main power supply. The positive power adapter cable must be connected to the terminal labeled “12V”, and the negative cable to the terminal labeled “GND”.

The device provides protection against polarity reversal when connecting the main power supply.

What can be connected to the terminals "1WR" and "LED"?

The terminal labeled “1WR” is used to connect the signal (DATA) cable of the ТМ-reader или wired temperature sensor.

How to connect additional devices?

Each of the terminals - "Z1" and "Z2" - can be used as a zone (input) or an open collector (output).

Turn on or off the zone of the device can be on the tab “Zones".

If the zone is turned off, the terminal is considered an open collector and can be used when setting up automation. The name of the open collector coincides with the marking of the terminal ("Z1", "Z2").

A positive load cable, the power of which will turn on when the open collector is closed, must be connected to the “12V” terminal.

If the zone is enabled, it can only be used as an input. The signal cable of the zone must be connected to the “Zx” terminal, and the common cable of the terminal - to the “GND” terminal.

How to connect the Beacon and Siren?

The answers to this question are discussed in detail in separate articles:

  • Automation: Siren of Nord GSM Mini and Air
  • Automation: Beacon

What is the maximum current at the outputs of the device?

The maximum switching current of each output is 250 mA.

How many wireless devices can I connect?

As well as to other devices of the Nord GSM line, a total of 31 wireless device can be connected to the Nordic GSM Air. There are no restrictions on the types of supported wireless devices: you can connect both «СН-Ретр», и «СН-К».

Learn more about connecting wireless devices in a separate article.

What is the difference between Air 15.1 and Air 15.2?

  1. Clamping terminals replaced by removable;
  2. A beeper is installed instead of speaker;
  3. An additional GND terminal has been added; therefore, the sequence of the lower terminals has been changed:
    * It was (bottom up): GND, 12 V, 1WR.
    * It is now: 12 V, GND, GND, 1WR.


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