GPRS traffic consumption and plan selection

We definitely recommend using corporate tariff plans for all your devices, for example from the Telematics group. The tariff should be unlimited in terms of traffic volume, the transfer rate of 64Kbit/s will be more than enough.

There is no single answer to the question “How much traffic does the GSM Nordic device consume?”, because It depends on a huge number of factors:

  • connection quality (number of reconnections to the network)
  • the volume of events generated by the device (arm, disarm, alarm, malfunction, test, etc.)
  • Ping interval settings in the CML source in the Security Center
  • the number of firmware updates (or update attempts if the connection is bad)
  • number of configuration changes (via USB and via web configurator)
  • the number of remote armings/disarmings from MyAlarm and from the Security Center

For reference, you can take a figure of 30Mb per month for an device that is located in a stable communication zone, reconnects to the Security Center and to the Cloud no more than once a day, the “ping” setting is set to 30 seconds, sends 2 events a day and 5 times downloaded new settings from Cloud.

But it is important to understand that, when changing any parameters, the amount of traffic can increase significantly - up to 100MB per month or more.