Soyuz GSM / ТР-100 GSM IV: Connecting third-party panels via the phone line

1. Requirements for a third-party control panel:

  • event transmission via telephone line in ContactID format
  • tone dialing

2. Connection: connect the telephone line from the control panel to terminals L1-L2 to the GSM Soyuz:

3. The control panel must dial any phone number, one digit is enough

4. Specify the number of the object in the control panel, no more than 4 digits, because Soyuz может принимать только четырехзначные номера объекта.

5. If necessary, you can change the time intervals of the handshake and kissoff in the GSM Soyuz configurator (General tab):

If the third-party panel cannot reach GSM Soyuz, try the following recommendations:

  • In theGSM Soyuz settings, increase the value of the “Pause before the HS signal at1400 Hz, ms” to 2000
  • Removeany control of the telephone line or tone of the line in the third-party panel(often you can find these parameters in the settings)
  • Try tominimize interferences on the Soyuz GSM board and the telephony loop, move theboard away from the third-party panel and power lines