Engineer: how to create an account?

The information given in the article is relevant for the "Security Center" version 5.0 or higher.

In order for the engineer to get remote access to the objects, it is necessary to create an account for him in the “Security Center” and register it in the “Cloud”.

Creating an engineer account

In order to create an account for an engineer, you must run the module "Personnel Manager" and click on the "Create" button on the "Engineers" tab.

In the window that opens, you must fill in all fields with information about the engineer.

Special care should be taken to indicate the value for the "Email" field. The fact is that it is to the email address specified in this field that the letter will be sent with a link that the engineer will need to go to in order to complete the registration of an account in the "Cloud". The engineer’s email is used to identify him in the “Cloud”; after the engineer is created, the value of this field cannot be changed.

If the engineer for whom the account is being created should be able to remotely update the software on devices that are installed at the sites, you should check the “Allow the engineer to update the software on object devices remotely” checkbox.

In order for the changes to take effect, you need to click on the "Save" button on the "Engineers" tab.

Register an engineer account in the "Cloud"

After the operator of the Security Center creates an account for the engineer, an email will be sent to the email address provided for the engineer with a link.

In order to complete the registration of an account in the "Cloud", the engineer must follow the link received in the letter and enter the password that will be used during authorization in the "Engineer Panel".

After the registration of the engineer is completed, he can start using the “Engineer Panel” application.


Engineer's permission to update the software applies to all objects of the security company connected to the "Cloud".

In order to create an account for the engineer or make changes to it, the operator of the “Security Center” must have permission to edit the engineers.