Time syncronization (frequently asked questions)

The article is relevant for devices: Норд GSM/LAN/RF, Союз GSM, Союз PCB GSM, ТР-100 GSM (III, IV)

The devices synchronize time in two ways:

  • When connecting to «CML Event Source». As soon as the device is connected via an IP communication channel, a command is sent to it to synchronize time with the computer on which the event source is running.
  • In case of local programming, at the time of connecting to the device via USB using the Hubble configurator. The system time is taken from the computer on which the Hubble is launched.

How often does synchronization happen?

Only at the time of connection to the "Security Center" or to the configurator.

Why the time of events on the device may differ from the time in the "Security Center"?

Most often the reason is in the wrong time on a laptop of the technician who had recently programmed the device. You can remotely make the time relevant using theEngineer Panel» you can record settings on the device. The device will restart, reconnect to the "Security Center" and get the relevant time.

Can I set the time from the keyboard «К16-LCD»?


How to set the time for “Nord RF” or another device without IP channels?

Only using the Hubble configurator.


  • Time synchronization in the Security Center software