Database backup (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I back-up the database?

  • Manually using the Database Wizard module
  • Automatically, configuring backups in Event Manager

Module settings are described in Instruction manual.

What gets into the backup database?

  • object cards
  • event processors (settings for all event processors)
  • event history with actions and cancellations by alarms
  • sent SMS
  • event templates
  • Security Center UID
  • remote objects
  • linked accounts of engineers and Personal Account administrators

What doesn’t get into the backup database?

  • event source settings
  • object maps

What is the difference between operational and full backup database?

The full history of events is included in the full copy of the database.

In the operational - depending on the date of creation. If it is created before the 15th day, then the current and previous month will be included in the archive, if after the 15th day - only the current one is included.

What is displayed in the name of the database archive

Archive with the database has the following form:  AB0Х-data-time.ZIP

  • Х – specifies the DB type, operative(0) or full(1)
  • data – date of creation of the DB (year, month, day)
  • time – time of creation (hours, minutes)

Examples: AB01-20150803-1657.ZIP - full copy of DB, created on August 3, 2015 at 16:57.

How often are created and where are stored the automatic backup copies of the database?

The Security Center always makes an online copy of the database every 4 hours; by default, the copies are saved to the folder

C:\Andromeda Data\SYSBACKUP , a maximum of 10 archives.  

How often and where to create backup copies of the database?

Operational copy of the database - once a day, a full one - in the beginning of the month. It is desirable to store copies on different storages in different places (another PC, network storage, flash drives ...).  

How to restore the database properly?

First, restore the full copy of the database created in the beginning of the month, then the last created online copy. The result will be the entire history of the events with the current object cards.

Is it possible to remove the history of events in previous years?

You can, if you restore only the operational copy of the database. This will not affect the speed of the Security Center, but a full copy will be created faster, it will be of a smaller size.  

Also you can selectively delete history from the database.

Can I run two identical databases (with the same UIDs)?

You can, only under the condition that only one database will have access to the Cloud. Otherwise, if two identical databases are simultaneously connected to the Cloud, various collisions are possible.

More information about setting up automatic backup and working with the Database Wizard module can be found in Instruction manual of Security Center software,   sections 4 and 11.