Automation: arming on schedule

In firmware version 9.8, it is possible to program the action that the device will perform when a specified condition occurs.

The conditions can be any event generated by the device or time. And as the actions that the device can perform, are taking or removing, as well as action swith open collectors.


Set taking the object under the protection of the schedule.

Conditions required

  • the Hubble Configurator (version 4.13 and higher) is installed on the computer;
  • A Nord GSM or Nord RF / IPdevice with software version 9.8 or higher is connected to the computer.


To accomplish the task, it is necessary to create an action that performs the partitioning of a partition under scheduled security.

This instruction covers the arming of partition 1 at 7.30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Taking the object partition under the protection of the schedule.

On the “Automation” tab, click on the “Add action” button.
In the "Action" field from the drop-down list select the value"Arm".
In the "Section" select "1".

In the "Condition" field, select the "scheduled" value.
Using the drop-down menus in the "Time" field, set the value to "19:30".
In the "Day of the week" field, select "specify". In the list of days of the week that appears with this, leave a tick in the check boxes “Tue” and “Wed”. Uncheck the remaining boxes.

Click “OK” to save the settings.


This manual deals with automatic arming, however, as an action, you can specify the disarming of an object as an action. In this case, the object will be disarmed according to the set schedule. You can also configure the automatic closure or/ and opening the discrete outputs of the device.

You can configure the arming of all sections of an object using the "All partitions" value in the “Partition" field. To configure the arming of several specific sections, for each of them you must configure the setting separately.

Arming can be set for specific days of the week, as in the example above; for everyday; only for weekdays (from Monday to Friday); and also - for weekends only.

Automatic arming, as well as any other action, can be carried out not only according to the schedule, but also according to the event.

It should be remembered that when an object is automatically armed, the event code reported to the Security Center is different from the event code generated when an object is armed for security in some other way.