Backing-up Security Center in 10 steps

Having a backup station is very important. This allows you to minimize downtime in the event of force majeure situations, such as: failure of the hard drive, motherboard, power supply and others, as well as problems with the operating system, virus attack and other troubles that always have a place to be.

Recommended step-by-step method:

Important! You cannot run simultaneously 2 event managers with the same database. Because of this, there may be problems with cloud services!

Also, we highly recommend creating and checking the back-up in the hours of minimum load in order not to lose important events.

1. We will need a computer that is similar in characteristics to the main (or better) and with the same number of COM ports, if used.

2. Install, according to the recomenadtions, the Security Center software (SC) to the new PC. Do not run the SC. Connect it to the same network as the main machine.

3. If you have sources and / or processors using TCP ports, do not forget to "forward" these ports in your router to a backup PC, as it will have a different IP address. Also, ensure that the ports are not blocked by security software.

4. Using the module "Database Wizard", make a full backup of the database of the main SC or take the last created archive.

5. Transfer the archive with the database to the backup SC and restore it using the same module "Database Wizard".

6. Write down the settings of all event sources from the main SC. Shut it down (exit the event manager).

7. If available, we switch all equipment operating on COM ports and modems  to the backup . Run the Event Manager on it.

8. Set up the events sources in the backup SC, the same way as in the main one. Event processors and sources (services) will be transferred along with the database.

9. Check the work of all modules, event sources, processors, connection to the cloud, availability of ports. Make sure that everything works correctly.

10. The backup is ready. Switch back the equipment operating via COM ports and modems (if available). Turn off the event manager on the backup machine, run on the main PC.


- To keep the backup station up-to-date, we recommend timely duplicating changes from the main Security Center  (updates, event sources).

- You can set up copying the archive with the database to the backup via the network.

- We highly recommend setting up the backing-up not only on a local disk, but also on separate external media (flash drive, external hard disk, etc.) on a daily basis. You can also set up the backup to the cloud (for example, OneDrive or Yandex Disk).

To switch to the back-up it is necessary:

1. If possible, save an updated copy of the database to external media. If it is impossible to copy the database, restore the last created copy on the backup machine.

2. Turn off the event manager on the main SC (if necessary). Switch, if necessary, all equipment to the backup.

Important! When switching to the backup, the network settings window will appear on the network stations and they will stop working. After the backup PC is on ready to be back online, you can enter a new PC address in this window and click OK. If the address is correct, work will continue in normal mode.

3. Run the Event Manager on the backup station. Set up addresses of network stations if needed.

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