Autostart of the event manager and other modules at system startup

Quite often there are situations when the computer restarts (power outage, voltage drops, or just a necessity), but there isn’t anyone who can run the modules. Therefore, it is very important to set up autorun.

If you use the standard methods of autorun, then, in most cases, the event manager will not start, because SQL server has not time to load. And other modules will not start without an event manager, respectively.

How correctly to organize autostart, if it is necessary? Consider an example:

Event Manager autostart

1. Open the "Computer Management". Select the "Task Scheduler":

2. Go to the "Task Scheduler Library", click "Create Task":

3. Give it a name, put a checkmark "Run with the highest rights":

4. On the "Triggers" tab, click "Create":

5. In the "Start task" field, select "On startup". In the additional parameters set a delayed launch - 30 seconds (it is necessary that the event manager does not start before the SQL server):

6. On the “Actions" tab, click "Create":

7. Select "Run program". Click "Browse" and specify the path to EvMan.exe, by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Andromeda\EvMan.exe:

8. In the tab "Conditions" do not change anything. Go to the tab "Parameters" and remove the checkmark "Stop the task that runs longer ..."

9. Done. Now the event manager will start automatically 30 seconds after the system starts.

Duty operator autostart

We do not recommend using this method on computers where several operators work. To have access history, go to the modules under the logins / passwords of employees who actually work at the console. Or change the user at the earliest opportunity and use this method only for emergencies.

We do the same as in the previous example, but with amendments:

1. The duty operator should be started only when the event manager is enabled, so create a trigger and specify a deferred launch - 40 seconds (for the event manager, we specified 30):

2. Create an action - Run the program, click on the review and specify the path to the executable file of the "operator on duty", by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Andromeda\ShiftOp.exe.

Since the “Duty Operator" module requests a login and password at startup, you need to specify them in the "Add Arguments" field in the following format: /LOGIN:логин /PASSWORD:пароль (пример: /LOGIN:Администратор /PASSWORD:222222)

The rest of the settings are similar to what we did for the startup of the event manager.

All done. Now the duty operator will start 10 seconds after the event manager. Similarly, you can run other modules, if necessary.