Launching devices with connection to the “Security Center” via GPRS channel

The article is relevant for devices «NordGSM/WRL/LAN/RF»,«Nord Mini/Air», «ТР-100 GSM IV»,«СоюзGSM»,«Сержант GSM».

1. Create CML Event Source

2.Create an object in the “Site Manager".  Specify the object numberfor it. Select a template and type of equipment "C-Nord GSM” for it

3.Download software suite forupdate and Hubble configurator.Extract the contents of the archives to the root of the disk.

4. Install driver

5.Check if the firmware on the device is up to date. If not, then updatethe firmware.

6.Запустить "hubble.exe".

Passwordis required when starting the configurator (0000 by default)

7. Deviceconfiguration:

  • Go to ‘Security Center’tab.
  • Specify the object number.
  • Enter the address and portof the PC where the Security Center is installed.
  • Record the configuration tothe device.

8. Check events in the Duty Operator module.


  • For the SC version 4.х,specify the object template - “ContactID, partitions and zones” and select inthe “Equipment” tab in the “Equipment type” field - “GSM III / GSM Союз”.
  • If you start the device viaEthernet in the same local network with the Security Center, then you need tospecify the internal IP address of the PC. (Ethernet settings are displayedonly in case an Ethernet module is installed)
  • If only 1 section isconfigured in the device, the "Sections" tab in the Object managershould be empty.