Engineer: how to grant permission for remote access to an object?

In order to give the engineer permission to remotely access the equipment installed at the site, you must perform the following steps.

1. Launch the Object Manager module.

2. Выбрать объект, к которому нужно разрешить удаленный доступ.

3. Go to the tab "Service".

4. Click on the "Add permission" button.

5. In the window that appears, select the engineer who needs to provide remote access to the object.

6. Specify the time interval during which the resolution will be valid.

7. Click on the "Add permission" button.

8. Make sure that the permission granted to the engineer is displayed in the list of permissions for the object.


Permission to access the object granted to the engineer will automatically cease to operate after the interval for which it was issued.

If necessary, the operator of the “Security Center” can prematurely remove the permit issued to the engineer by clicking on the “Delete Permit” button.

In order for the “Security Center” operator to grant the engineer permission for remote access to the object, he must have the right “Allow engineers to access the objects”.

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