Audit system

The audit system is a software mechanism that controls the transmission of events to the security console.

If the audit system records the absence of transmission of events, then first it switches the communication channel that the device is currently using. Roughly speaking, it “presses the button for switching channels”, just as an engineer can do when going to the site.

At that moment, when the audit system has performed the switching of the communication channel, an event is generated with the code E754. The argument for an event with a code E754 is the type of communication channel that stopped sending events (1 – Ethernet или GSM, 3 – radio). The value of the argument is transmitted to the field designed for the loop number or user.

If channel switching did not help, and events are still not sent, the audit system will reset the device.

If the device was restarted by the audit system command, then two events will be generated after the reboot. First event code – R305, this event registers the fact of the device reset. Second event code – R754, This event means that the reboot occurred at the command of the audit system.

Audit system settings

The instrument parameter with which the interval is set during which the audit system waits to send an event is called the “Event Transmission Control Interval”; it can be found in the configurator on the "Miscellaneous" tab, in the "Intervals" section.

The default value for this parameter is 7 minutes. If necessary, this value can be increased. If for this parameter you specify the value “Do not control”, then the audit system will be disabled. (For example, when using Nords without SIM cards or Nord RF)

Firmware version

The audit system appeared in firmware version 9.8.