Automation: Siren for Nord GSM Mini and Air

The article is relevant for all devices of the"Nord GSM" line with firmware version 17.x and the Hubble configurator version 13.18 or higher.

How to connect the siren to the device?

Nord GSM Mini

The “negative” beacon cable must be connected to one of the terminals “Z1” - “Z4”. In case of connected EW-12 extender,“Z1”- “Z12” terminals of the extender can be used.
The “positive” cable is connected to the “S_PWR” terminal. The power supply at the “S_PWR” terminal is backed-up by the battery installed in the device, so the siren will also work if there is no main power supply.

Nord GSM Air

The siren is connected to terminals “Z1” - “Z2” and “12V”. The power at the “12V” terminal is not reserved, so the siren will not work if there is no main power.

Nord GSM Mini
   Nord GSM Air

How to create a rule with the role of “Siren"?

  1. Go to the Automation tab.
  2. Press ‘Siren’ button.
  3. Select the output to which the siren is connected.
  4. Record the configuration.

How to adjust the sound parameters of the siren?

To adjust the siren sound parameters, go to the Siren block in the Miscellaneous tab. If the “Siren” block is missing, make sure that you have created a rulefor the siren.

Is it possible to connect the siren to the open collectors of the Nord GSM device?

Yes you can. The “positive” siren cable can be connected to any positive output of the control panel, for example, to the output for powering the keyboard or cables. The negative cable of the siren should be connected to one of the sevenopen collectors: FIRE, DEFECT, LED_G, LED_Y, FIRE2, DEFECT2, DISABL. (For Nord5.1 - FIRE or DEFECT)

A siren connected to an open collector differs from the usual one only in that the device does not control the state of this line. At the same time, the connection of the siren to the same output "Siren" remained unchanged.

Frequently asked questions about the siren are discussed in aseparate article.


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