Automation: House mode


  • Have the ability to arm only perimeter sensors
  • Have the ability to arm the entire house


Consider an example: House plan 

Suppose there are 7 sensors installed on the object: 4 magnetic, 3 IR sensors.

  • Partition No. 1: Loops with magnetic sensors. Call it - Perimeter.
  • Partition No. 2: Loops with IR sensors.

Create User 1 for Partition No. 1 and No. 2 for Section 2.

Next, you need to create two rules.

On the “Automation” tab, click on the “Add action” button.
In the "Action" field from the drop-down list select the value "Arm".
In the “Partition", select "All partitions".

In the "Condition" field, select “on event" value.
In the field “Event code” select the value “R401”;
In the “Partition" select value "2".

Click “OK” to save the settings.

And we create almost the same rule for disarming, but by code E401.

Thus, the arming of partition No. 1 will be the setting of the object in HOUSE mode,and the code setting of partition No. 2 will allow you to arm and disarm entire object completely.