Long-term lack of communication with a new SIM card when starting up

When you first start the device with a new SIM card or after replacing the SIM card in the device, it may take a very long time (tens of minutes) to establish communication with the Security Center.

Often this is due to the fact that a SIM card which was never used for communication, requires a process of initia lregistration in the operator’s network. This is the reason of this delay.

Firstly, this process can take from several seconds to several minutes for different telecom operators.

Secondly, some operators can only allow connecting to a GPRS session after re-registering on the network - i.e. the device must do a search of communication channels and re-register.

Thirdly, during initial registration, operators often send “welcome SMS” with various notifications, promotions, tariff name and communication settings — the device has to be “distracted” by such “spam”, which also affects the connection setup speed.

We recommend that before installing the SIM card in the device, pre-check / activate it in a regular cell phone - check that GPRS is working, that all “welcome SMS” are received and that it is not blocked (if it has been left for a long time without use) -this will allow you to do the first Start of the device fast and "smooth".