Soyuz GSM: quick start

1. Connection and main elements:

2. Start the device on Security Center software.

3. Go to Devices tab. Select the type of equipment to connect.

4. Record the configuration to the device.

6. Check events in the Duty Operator module


  • Connecting third-party panels via the phone line
  • Подключение системы Орион-С2000M (Болид)
  • Подключение системы Стрелец (Аргус-Спектр)
  • With the object number specified in the Soyuz GSM configurator, only events from Soyuz are transmitted (main and backup power failures, zone alarms, tamper). Besides, this number is substituted for the events adopted in the "Altonika" protocol, because it is not there.
  • Events received from third-party devices are transmitted to the console without transformations (the numbers of objects, partitions, loops, users are not changed). For each number it is necessary to create an object card with the template “ContactID”  and equipment type «GSM  III / Союз GSM»
  • The IP address in the GPRS and Ethernet transmission settings should be specified without extra zeros. I.e. IP type shall be entered as
  • Location of SIM-cards: contact pad to the board, SIM1 - o the bottom, SIM2 - on top
  • Ethernet settings are displayed only in case an Ethernet module is installed
  • Long-term lack of communication when starting up with a new SIM card