Security Center

Professional monitoring station software for private security companies in Russia and other countries.

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Security Center is compatible with the following monitoring software: Visonic, Villbau, MCDI, Satel, Pyronix, Iseco, Trikdis, Honeywell, KP Electronics, Jablotron, DSC, Navigard, Puper, RRT, OKO, Eldes, Megalux, etc.

1000 Sites — free of charge

  • Complete solution for security business start-ups.

Alarm processing by duty operator

The interface is configured in such a way that the duty operator clearly followed the alarm processing algorithm, established in your security company.

The event log

The log shows the accepted events and states of the rapid response teams. Event classes differ in color, you can sort by the columns of the log.

In the tab «all» there are only significant events. Test and repeated events are filtered out. Event filtering mechanism is flexible enough and allows you to clearly determine what events are for important for the operator and what can be omitted.

    Quick site view

    In the pop-up window the operator sees name and address of the site, alarm partitions, the last arming / disarming event and call status of rapid response team.

    Scheme of alarm processing and operator actions fixing

    Security Center offers an operator a scheme of alarm processing
    (configurable): a clear following the scheme of alarm processing and a complete fixing of duty operator actions, cations of guards and clients.

    Andrew Zhuk

    R&D Department

    In May of 1998 we launched Security Center for the first time. At that time the software had no so many features. And now we aren’t going to stop.

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