Nord GSM Metall

Hybrid security and fire control panel for protection of large offices, shops, banks and suburban real estate.

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Nord GSM Metal

Hybrid security and fire control panel for protection of large offices, shops, banks and suburban real estate.

GSM, Ethernet and radio channel

Two sim-cards and GSM-antenna. Ethernet and radio as an option.

Power Supply

Built-in power supply unit from the network: 1.5 A, 12 V.

Accommodates the battery 7.2 A*h.

Panel capacity

8 (16) wired security zones.

2 wire fire zones.

7 discrete outputs.

Up to 31 wireless devices.


Metal housing
258 x 295 x 81 mm.

Nord GSM metal and plastic. What is the difference?

Nord GSM in the metal housing and Nord GSM in the plastic housing have the same board, therefore, in many respects these panels are similar. All the difference is in size and material of the housing:

Large metal housing

In a large housing there is a place for the battery of a much larger size — 7.2 A*h. This means that power is enough for more wired sensors.

Compact plastic housing

Do not spoil the view on the wall of office or apartment, can be built into the ATM.

Radio channel

The metal housing allows the use of a radio channel to deliver messages to security console using TP-100-H Low and High radio transmitters and VHF radio antenna.

Kits with Nord GSM in metal housing

Nord GSM Metal







MyAlarm App

Quick installation of security system

In a large metal housing it is more convenient to connect wired zones to terminals. To accurately drill the fixing holes in the wall - there is a tracing paper.

Slots for 2 sim-cards
Tracing paper for fixing holes
Backup power supply: 7.2 A*h, 3.7 V
Easy access to terminals

Easy configuration

The engineer connects the laptop to the Nord via USB
and configures device communication with console, partitions, users, sensors and other parameters of the alarm system. Engineer configures Nord with a special soft, we call it Hubble.

Hubble configurator

The feature of Hubble's work is that the engineer first creates a configuration device, and only then records to the device. Therefore, the configurator works quickly, reacting at lightning speed to engineer actions.

For typical sites, you can save configuration and record it on the device without wasting time on individual setting.

Interface for checking sensors and other devices

The configurator has an interface of devices' settings, it is called the status panel. Engineer sees number of zone, state and error signal level for each device.

The convenient web app for testing connection channels

Engineer tests both sim-cards: GPRS, CSD, voice channel and SMS.

App lets activate or desactivates any channel for testing.


Arming according schedule

For example, a client wants all office premises to be automatically armed at 21:00. An engineer configures the schedule remotely via Hubble configurator.

Light alarm for partition

A convenient way of informing about the current status of security system at industrial sites, ATMs and others.

Control with MyAlarm


Practically any mechanism can be controlled remotely: turn on / off the boiler, open the gate, switch on the light and much more.

Fire alarm

For Nord GSM there is all necessary equipment for installation of security and fire alarm system.

Fire detectors

Wireless sensor СN-Smoke (Rielta) and sensors of other manufacturers: two wire (connected through EF-2) and four wire.

Siren, fire button

Wireless CN-Siren and manual fire alarm call point CN-Fire; devices of other manufacturers.

The sign «Exit»

Wireless light alarm in the form of a plate CN-Exit.

Security system control

Nord GSM will allow you to deploy a wireless (up to 31 devices) and a wired (up to 16 zones) security and fire system at the site.

Remote wired keypad K14-LED and wireless CN-Keypad.

Wireless CN-KeyFob with panic button.

TM-keys and RFID-marks

MyAlarm App, iOS / Android.

Suitable for protection of large sites

With expander EW-12 the number of Nord GSM wiring zones can be increased from 8 to 16.

With EF-2 from two security zones it is possible to make two fire zones for connecting two-wire fire detectors.

If the site is large or the signal does not pass through the walls, the wireless repeaters CN-Repeater will help improve the radio communication between the sensor and the panel.

Hybrid panel

You can use wired and wireless sensors at the same time.

Safety and comfort for users of security alarm system

Site partitions and access rights

When an engineer configures Nord GSM, he divides the site into partitions and while creating users determines who to which partitions has access.Each user has its code of arming / disarming. With the code the user disarms available partitions of security system.

Each user has its code of arming / disarming. With the code the user disarms available partitions of security system.

No common code that knows the whole staff

Each user has his own
arming / disarming code and personal account with authorization by phone number and SMS.

Has someone used your code? You immediately see it in MyAlarm app: in the event timeline your picture appears, and all users receive a push notification that you've just disarmed the site.

Arming under forcing

In an emergency situation
user can disarm the site with the code under forcing. In that case the panel will send to the console an event «Disarming under forcing».

How to enter such code? Use your code, but the last digit increase or decrease
per unit. For example, if the code 1234, then under forcing you need to input 1235 or 1233.

Distant service

An engineer remotely connects to the Nord panel through the web interface of C.Nord Cloud and configures it with a Hubble configurator. The engineer configures the panel the same way as if he connects via USB.

Speed and safety

The panel configuration is stored on the device and in the cloud. Therefore, even if you have a bad connection with the device, Hubble will load up immediately (from the cloud) and the engineer starts to work at once.

The same is with the saving of settings. If connection is bad, the engineer does not have to wait: the new configuration immediately will be written into the cloud, and the cloud controls that this configuration will go to the device.


An engineer cannot connect to the control panel without permission. When it is necessary maintenance, an operator of the Security Center gives the engineer permission for remote access to a site for restricted time.

Rollout firmware update

We constantly refine our solutions: we produce new sensors, update the interface of the configurator, etc. For compatibility sometimes it is necessary to update the firmware of the control panel and other devices.

In the case of Nord panel, an engineer will not have to visit the site — he can updated the firmware remotely. Moreover, the engineer can update the firmware immediately on all or several devices and monitor the progress of the update.

Two ways to protect a site from hijacking by a competitor

1) You can switch off the reset configuration of control panel to the factory settings, and for access to configurator set a complex

If an engineer from a competing firm connected to the device via USB, he can't enter the configurator without the password.

2) You can connect the panel to your console.
The address for connecting to the console is recorded in the internal memory of the processor and remains there even when the configuration is reset.

Help section about Nord GMS

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Protection against inference panel fail

Even if the attackers break up panel, it will have time to send the event «Probable alarm» to the security console.

Installers put the control panel with a keypad at the entrance on the site, so that customers can conveniently enter the disarming code while there is a delay in the entrance.

We added the event "Probable alarm" (E138) to prevent inference panel fail during the "entry delay". It means, that if after a probable alarm from the site he disarming event will not come, then the console will form an alarm event.

Security Center

Nords are working with one of the best professional consoles in Russia — Security Center.

Security Center, Duty operator window.

MyAlarm App

Personal account for client of private security company and app to control security system and video surveillance.

Custom event timeline

You, as a security company, decide which events are on the custom event timeline in app: armings and disarmings, alarms of security sensors and alarms of utility sensors, operator actions during the alarm processing, reports of rapid-response groups.

Technological as a banking application

— Authorization by phone number and SMS-code;
— entrance by pin-code, Touch ID, and Face ID;
— push-notification of events;
— support ticket system;
— armings and disarmings , control of automation, video surveillance.

Temperature control

We output the readings of the temperature sensors on the screen of app.

Adjust the thresholds: then
with temperature changes above or below the threshold you will receive notifications.

Control automatics

You can open the gate,
switch on heating, light and much more directly from the app.

Utility sensors

You can connect smoke detectors and water leak sensors to the North GSM Air.

In case of triggering of sensors you will receive notifications until do not react.

Sound notifications

We voiced all the push-
notifications by Rita's voice. You definitely do not miss an important event among notifications on your phone.

Virtual panic button

The button is connected to the site, but you can press it from the app.

You can provide this service to your customers without installing an additional equipment.

Wireless devices for Nord GSM

Additional devices

Technical specifications

Connection channels


2 sim-cards.
Internal GSM-antenna.
Remote GSM-antenna (option).


Option. With Ethernet Adapter.

Radio channel

Option. With radio transmitters TP-100-H Low and TP-100-H High.

Wireless devices

31 devices

Security sensors, utility detectors: smoke, water and temperature; repeaters, extra keypad and relay.

Inputs and outputs

8 (16) wired zones

Expansion with EW-12.

2 fire zones

Expansion with EF-2: you can make 2 fire zones from 2 security zones.

7 discrete outputs

TP100-OUT connector

Option. With radio transmitters TP-100-H Low and TP-100-H High.


You can connect TM or RFID-reader, light alarm, siren and remote temperature sensor.

Mini USB

Users and partitions

32 TM- или RFID-ключа

32 TM or RFID-keys

32 partitions


295x258x81 mm, plastic housing.

Power supply

Principal: remote power supply from the network 110/220 V (1.5 A, 12 V)

Backup: Accommodates battery 7.2 A*h, 12 V

Temperature range



Mini USB (Hubble Configurator)

Virtual Expert App (Hubble configurator)

Bluetooth (soon)

Supply kit

The board of Nord in a metal housing;

built-in power supply unit from the 110/220 V network;

remote GSM-antenna.

Wiring diagram