Easy configuration

The engineer connects the laptop to the Nord via USB
and configures device communication with console, partitions, users, sensors and other parameters of the alarm system. Engineer configures Nord with a special soft, we call it Hubble.

Hubble configurator

The feature of Hubble's work is that the engineer first creates a configuration device, and only then records to the device. Therefore, the configurator works quickly, reacting at lightning speed to engineer actions.

For typical sites, you can save configuration and record it on the device without wasting time on individual setting.

Interface for checking sensors and other devices

The configurator has an interface of devices' settings, it is called the status panel. Engineer sees number of zone, state and error signal level for each device.

The convenient web app for testing connection channels

Engineer tests both sim-cards: GPRS, CSD, voice channel and SMS.

App lets activate or desactivates any channel for testing.